Health Canada back in action: LP gets full MMPR license

May 28, 2015

I’m sworn to secrecy as to which company it is, as they fear Health Canada retribution if the announcement leaks early, but management at a company in the Canadian weed space is drinking champagne aplenty right now, having received their full MMPR license Tuesday.

This is big news for other companies in the space, many of which have been waiting for months – even years – to get a visit from the bureaucrats.

T-Bird Pharma –[stock_quote symbol=”TPI.V”]– got their full license a few weeks back after having been shunted on to the ‘grow only’ list when their zoning went weird. With this additional licensing news, perhaps the Supreme Pharma’s –[stock__quote symbol=”SL.C”]– and the like of the sector will be closing in on good news soon.

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