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September 25, 2023


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Plurilock Security (PLUR.V) leading workforce cybersecurity solutions

Plurilock Security (PLUR.V) leading workforce cybersecurity solutions

*originally published 02-20-23

Who can remember their passwords anymore? Everyone has so many that there are programs written to keep track of them. Forget them and you could quite possibly be locked out without recourse. Let them slip and your online life could be severely compromised, opening you up to identity theft, digital robbery and a whole slew of painful criminal shenanigans. Imagine what that dilemma is like for corporations, governmental bodies and academia.

Plurilock Security (PLUR.V) is a Canadian company focused on cybersecurity solutions that adeptly protect the network at log in and continuously during a network session to ensure that not only did the right person log on, but remains to be the right person throughout the session. All without the use of passwords! Plurilock has gone from great idea to sustainable revenue, and is adding high-profile enterprise and government clients every week.

In this episode of Investor Roundtable, we brought Prit Singh, VP of Investor Relations for Plurilock on as a guest to give us the lowdown on the company, its offerings and why investors should be giving the company serious consideration.


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