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March 22, 2023


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Plurilock (PLUR) just smashing the new contracts in

Plurilock (PLUR) just smashing the new contracts in

Plurilock Security (PLUR.V) came on the scene with a brilliant concept for securing workplace networks at login and real-time during the session without passwords or clunky traditional biometric security like fingerprints and retinal scanning.

Plurilock’s technology harnesses leading-edge AI in its workplace network protection platform DEFEND. It constantly monitors users keystrokes, rhythm and habits, refining its user profile while ensuring that whoever is at the keyboard is the person who should be there.

Now, the company’s efforts are paying off with continually growing base of high-profile enterprise and government clients. Equity Guru founder, Chris Parry, explains the company, its on-going business, future prospects and why investors need to take a serious look at Plurilock.


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