Patriot One’s (PAT.T) new tech aims to save police officers’ lives.

Patriot One (PAT.T) – an A.I-driven concealed weapons-detection company – is looking and sounding less like a technology incubator – and more like a sales company. Check out the product demonstration videos on the re-vamped website. You’ve probably heard, the U.S. has an issue with guns. The situation is so […]

Why did Patriot One (PAT.T) surge 20% on a day without news?

On October 16, 2019 Patriot One (PAT.T)  – an A.I-driven concealed weapons-detection company – jumped 20% on no news. That got the bull-board pundits jumping. “It would be amazing if shorts are not covering,” wrote Kyyaman08, “The action today seemed to be a lot of motivated buyers. But If it […]

Patriot One (PAT.T) inks deal with $7.5 billion ‘Safe City’ Bleutech Park

On September 10, 2019 Patriot One (PAT.T) became the “security technology partner” for Bleutech Park Las Vegas, a $7.5 billion Las Vegas Mini-City project that will be the World’s First Net-Zero, Smart, Connected and Safe City. The partnership with “Bleutech Park” is a big deal”. It’s like Lamborghini saying, “Let’s […]

Patriot One (PAT.T) – “Thoughts & Prayers” ain’t cutting it – how about some tech?

The Gun Violence Archive states that as of last week, the U.S. has experienced 253 mass shootings in 2019–an average of more than one a day. In a recent explosion of U.S. gun violence, three white gunmen used military-grade weapons to kill 34 people, mostly people of colour. On July 28, a […]