Hemptown Organics opens financing to non-accredited investors

A few years ago, we wrote one of our defining pieces at Equity.Guru, an article that opened a new world up for a variety of investors, and introduced them to a pre-public listing deal that, for a change, was opening up to the little guy. So you missed Canopy/Tweed coming […]

Hemptown buys FDA-approved plant with $6 mil/year existing revenue

I once consulted with a veteran CEO (potash, lithium, tech, gold) who told me, “Before I take a company public, I’ve got 60 press releases written in my head”. Since the man had created over $1 billion in enterprise value, I wasn’t going to argue with his roll-out template. His […]

Equity.Guru podcast: Hemptown Organics grows buttloads of high-grade hemp on road to IPO

Hemptown Organics is unique in the legalized cannabis sector as the company remained under the public market radar until its operations were actually operational. Speaking of which, the company brought in 110,000 pounds of feminized hemp biomass in 2018 and purchased one million rare CBG seeds to plant in 2019. […]

Hemptown USA raises $23 million and lays out plan for CBG global markets

On May 14, 2019 Hemptown USA announced the completion of $23 million financing, led by Canaccord Genuity. The company is growing 1,500 acres of high-grade “feminized hemp” in Oregon, on the northern tip of the famous weed-growers Emerald Triangle. Feminised hemp comes from genetically altered seeds.  Typically, they produce more […]