Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) picks up big name blockchain contracts in Korea

Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) has been busy in Korea snatching up blockchain service contracts with the Ministry of Transportation and the Korean Post. ‘They’re big in Korea’ probably isn’t much of a selling point for most North American investors, but despite Graph Blockchain’s distinct lack of love and attention, they’re still […]

Blockchain and Vitalhub (VHI.V): you asked and we answered

A comment on one of my Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) stories from earlier this month made me stop and think. The question was: “So what other block chain companies in your opinion would rise out of the ashes other then GBLC?” My answer is that there aren’t many companies left where […]

Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) seeds agricultural sector with IoT blockchain technology

Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) just finished building a blockchain solution for farmers to optimize their yields. The Vancouver-based company also moved to implement its proprietary technology by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ezfarm. Ezfarm is a big data solution provider for the agricultural sector, assisting farmers in the field […]

Graph Blockchain (GBLC.C) picks up a gaming platform and the market is still distracted

The narrative on the revolutionary properties of blockchain is old and tired. Its distributed ledger system will not solve every problem, nor revolutionize every business; there are some businesses for which blockchain just doesn’t make sense. The market has been pummeling blockchain companies for awhile now, and most of the […]