Thursday Recap: 2020 < GO >

Before it’s here, it’s in your inbox. Sign up for our daily markets newsletter here. Daily updates about what’s moving the markets. Bloomberg runs for President In today’s edition of the rich and powerful using their wealth and status to influence politics and policy, we have – Michael Bloomberg. Former New […]

The end of the world, or, how I learned to live with a habitually shrinking PMI

The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) U.S. manufacturing survey was released yesterday and, boy, did it ever raise alarms. Estimations of the ongoing U.S.-China trade war have been on a piecemeal basis up until now: It is common knowledge American soybean farmers are struggling, but calculating the material effects on […]

Growing Gurus: Commodities for dummies (like us)

Ever get tired of trading securities? Do you instead want to get your hands real-world commodities like gold and oil instead? In our latest entry into our investor education series, we tackle commodities. Physical commodities work a little differently than stocks or bonds, but here’s a quick introduction to get […]

Highballer: How Equity Guru’s mining expert Greg Nolan cracked a 30-year publishing mystery

It’s exhilarating to witness a co-worker get a win. My colleague, Equity Guru mining expert Greg Nolan just published a book, “Highballer: Tales from a Treeplanting Life (Harbour Publishing, 2019). Lots of good books get ignored. Mr. Nolan’s book isn’t one of the them. The media (national and local) has […]