CopperBank (CBK.C): a beautiful copper-mine canary jerks back to life

Something dramatic just happened in the copper markets. It’s worth noting because the funds making these copper bets have teams of geologists and economists on staff. According to the most recent Commitments of Traders Report, three months ago there were about 74,000 collective short copper positions (betting that the price […]

CLS Holdings (CLSH.C) is now a multi-state “adult use” cannabis operator

On November 05, 2019 CLS Holdings (CLSH.C) announced that “In Good Health”, a licensed medical dispensary, will begin the sale of recreational cannabis from its retail location in Brockton, Massachusetts. CLS Holdings is executing a “seed to sale” growth strategy that involves buying cannabis dispensaries, cultivators and producers. Brockton, MA […]

Westleaf (WL.V) receives a $740,000 white label order for 3-month supply of vape pens

On November 4, 2019, Westleaf (WL.V) announced that Westleaf Labs has received an initial “white label” order from Delta 9 for a three-month supply of vape pens and cartridges, representing anticipated revenue of  about $740,000, “starting as early as January 2020”. The deal carries a minimum total commitment of $4 […]

Los Angeles politician claims cannabis system is grossly unfair

Los Angles City Councilman Herb Wesson roared into the news this week when he told the City of Los Angeles their cannabis licensing system was  rigged against communities it was supposed to help. He has a point. Los Angeles has already approved 300 cannabis retailers and suppliers.  The avalanche of […]