Your Monday morning cannabis market roundup with Flower One (FONE.C), Canada House Wellness (CHV.C), Pure Global Global (PURE.V) and C21 Investments (CXXI.C)

In 2017, the going logic of legalization was that everyone would be either smoking, vaping or ingesting cannabis in some way once it became legal, and that promise hasn’t been fulfilled. There’s been growth and retraction over the past year, but the same people you’d normally see with a joint between their lips on a Friday night remained and they mostly got it from the same sources they always did: the guy at work instead of the dispensary offering big name LP weed.

Gaia Grow (GAIA.V) recognizes the value in doing the necessary work instead of taking shortcuts

A year ago if you had told me that hemp would be the only solid bet in the cannabis space, I would have nodded and conceded that it’s a strong possibility. I’d seen some of the balance sheets for the top tier cannabis-brands in operation, even as they were flying with sky high market caps, and it wasn’t hard to see the writing on the wall. They weren’t doing the work. Mitch Mcconnell had just signed the new farm bill, legalizing hemp, while cannabis hovered (and still hovers) in legal limbo.

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) wants to make the world less dangerous

We live in a dangerous world. There are some threats that we’re capable of meeting, and some that are beyond us. This is what former secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld called the unknown unknowns: threats so oblique and sudden that they catch us unawares and leave us scrambling. So far, we can only add our culture’s random spates of violence in Rumsfeld’s category. We simply do not know why violence erupts in our culture, especially among our children, and all we can do is prepare for the inevitability.

Liberty Leaf Holdings (LIB.C) partners with Veterans Affairs Canada to bring relief to PTSD sufferers

Part of cannabis’ cultural allure is the inherent rebellion of ingesting it. It’s been a counterculture staple because ingestion is an illegal act, a victimless crime and a way to thumb your nose at your so-called betters in ‘polite society.’ There’s Cheech and Chong, and also those wonderful underground comics from the 60’s and 70’s, and those years really were the heydey of cannabis-use as social rebellion. We’d see scenes of Huey gunship helicopters flying over an endless green Vietnamese jungle, with camo-clad boys passing a roach back and forth to fortify their nerves before their so-called ‘betters’ threw their lives away in combat. All to the tune of Fortune Son from CCR.