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May 29, 2023


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Victory Square Technologies’ (VST.C) Portfolio Company Turnium Technology Group Collaborates with IBM to Onboard SD-WAN

Victory Square Technologies (VST.C) announced today that its portfolio company Turnium Technology Group is collaborating with IBM to onboard its cloud-native SD-WAN edge solution to IBM Cloud for Telecommunications.

“We believe that onboarding our software-only, flexible SD-WAN solution to the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, can create a cloud extension solution for telecoms, service providers, and customers,” said Johan Arnet, CEO at TTGI.

For my fellow technophiles out there, SD-WAN has nothing to do with solid state drives or SD cards. Instead, SD-WAN refers to Turnium’s software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), which virtualizes networks and is carrier agnostic, allowing Turnium to deploy on top of existing wired/wireless circuits from multiple vendors for built-in business continuity. Turnium’s SD-WAN platform is intended to create and deliver routable networks that bring everything together for secure communications. In particular, SD-WAN provides businesses with access to the multi-site networks they need to transform their business, boost productivity as well as improve customer and employee satisfaction.


In collaboration with IBM, Turnium’s solution is designed to help connect customers, applications and devices by creating a new cloud extension service that assists customers in interconnecting their offices, vehicles, and devices with IBM Cloud in a single private international network. In other words, SD-WAN is intended to simplify the process of adding and managing edge devices such as routers, smartphones, computers, and security cameras, to name just a few. Utilizing the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, Turnium will help service providers and enterprises to leverage IBM’s open hybrid cloud platform from any site, branch, office, vehicle, or IoT device cluster globally, to deploy connected edge cloud services in the cloud or IT environment they prefer.

“Our goal is to connect existing networks and reach every location, every branch, every device, and every cloud, including IBM Cloud, with a single network. With our technology in place, delivering and managing the customer experience of hybrid-multi-network and hybrid-multi-cloud applications can become achievable,” continued Johan Arnet.

Trust me, this doesn’t make much sense to me either, so here’s a hypothetical example. Imagine you work at an office but productivity is at an all-time low because you work with a bunch of zoomers who spend all day making Tik Toks. Utilizing IBM Cloud and SD-WAN, your Company could impose a network ban on Tik Tok to all office locations globally in a matter of seconds. In contrast, if you were to try and do this through conventional WAN, the process would take days. If you’re still lost, check out the video below.



So what? SD-WAN provides a variety of benefits, including improved efficiency, performance, cost effectiveness, and ease of access. As a result, companies are rapidly moving from traditional telecommunications-based MPLS services to Internet-based SD-WAN. With this in mind, the global SD-WAN market is expected to reach an impressive valuation of USD$34.9 billion by 2022.



Victory Square’s share price opened at $0.48, down from a previous close of $0.50. The Company’s shares were trading at $0.50 as of 10:48 AM ET.

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