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August 10, 2022


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Grown Rogue International (GRIN.C) substantially boosts their production capacity in Oregon

Grown Rogue International (GRIN.C) tripled their indoor production in Oregon by adding 40% flowering space onto their 17,000 square foot Rossanley Facility, and adding the results of the recent harvest at their 30,000 square foot Airport facility, according to a press release.


The increased capacity has increased their overall numbers to 600 pounds of flower per month, including an annual run rate of 7,200 pounds per year.


“Our team has executed flawlessly at the Airport Facility, rapidly making the improvements necessary to ensure optimal environmental conditions and successfully growing and harvesting our first crops. With the addition of this facility, we now operate 47,000 sq ft, with 700 flowering lights, soon to be over 800 flowering lights with the fourth flower room at the Airport Facility, allowing us to produce upwards of 8,000lbs per year of high quality, low-cost indoor flower for the Oregon market,” said Obie Strickler, CEO of Grown Rogue.


GRIN is a multi-state cannabis company with an experienced management team, award winning grow team, indoor and outdoor manufacturing facilities, and consumer insight-based product categorization for seed-to-sale production creation. Their products include sungrown and indoor premium flower, along with their patented nitro sealed indoor and sungrown pre-rolls and jars.


The company’s recently completed Rossanley Facility has added eight more flower rooms, which give the company the chance to harvest every week with yields of nearly 300 pounds per month, or 3,600 pounds per year.


The first two harvests at the Airport facility, which they operate under a management services agreement with HSCP, a subsidiary of Acreage Holdings, added a sufficient boost to the company’s holdings. They have finished all of their facility improvements, including additional HVAC and dehumidification, since taking possession in February.


The facility presently sports 3 flowering rooms with 120 lights, and effectively three times the size of the rooms at their Rossanley Facility. At present, it can produce 300 pounds of product a month and the company anticipates putting in a fourth flower room upon regulatory approval, which will boost their numbers to 450 pounds a month, or 5,400 per year.














GRIN is down half a penny today, trading at $0.21.

—Joseph Morton

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