NEXE Innovations (NEXE.V) announce today that it has signed a commercial relationship with Vejii Holdings, which operates, the largest online vegan marketplace in the US.

“NEXE is proud to announce that our flagship XOMA Superfoods line will soon be available on Vejii’s marketplace…Partnering with Vejii is an exciting milestone for NEXE as we expand our distribution network for our popular XOMA product line. Vejii is an excellent fit for XOMA because it attracts consumers who are seeking convenient, health conscious, plant-based alternatives,” said Darren Footz, CEO of NEXE.

As someone who has had a Keurig for as long as I can remember, I can’t imagine surviving my university days without one. Sure, I may not be a coffee drinking but my Keurig served up a mean cup of hot chocolate during some of the coldest winter days. It also helped me stay focused while I studied with a relaxing cup of Early Grey tea. In my opinion, functionality and adaptability are two of the most appealing features of Keurig machines, or any pod-based brewing machine for that matter. Being able to brew a variety of beverages in mere seconds becomes especially appealing to the hoards of people rushing to work or cramming for exams.

With this in mind, coffee pods are quickly gaining favor amongst Americans, with over 70% of US consumers preferring to brew their own coffee. This is likely due to the convenience and time-saving value offered by single-serve brewing machines. Through this agreement, NEXE plans to sell its popular XOMA Superfoods branded products on Vejii’s ecommerce marketplace. This includes the Company’s single-serve, fully compostable, plant-based beverage pods, which are compatible with Keurig brewing systems. In doing so, NEXE will have access to the largest online vegan marketplace in the US. Not at bad deal if you ask me.

Although NEXE has been making some noteworthy moves, the Company’s stock performance has remained relatively inactive. However, NEXE has big plans on the horizon having recently signed a deal with Orca Pacific and Rritual Superfoods. NEXE partnered with Orca Pacific on April 15, 2021, in order to assist the Company in launching its XOMA Superfoods in Amazon’s Grocery & Gourmet Foods section, which is one of Amazon’s fastest growing and most popular product categories. With this in mind, the Company stated that it expects to begin selling its pods on Amazon by May 2021. Well, its currently May and there’s only a few days left in the month. Either NEXE is behind schedule, or the Company plans to launch in Amazon in the next few days.

In addition to its latest deal with Vejii, NEXE also announced that Mr. Raj Kang has stepped down as Chief Financial Officer. NEXE has appointed Mr. Ed Duda as the new Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

NEXE Innovations’ share price opened at $1.43 today and is currently trading at $1.44 as of 11:25AM ET. The Company’s shares are up 1.41% indicating that there has been some change following the news.


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