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August 12, 2022


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WeedMD (WMD.V) and CannTX Life Sciences team up for licensing and supply

WeedMD (WMD.V) entered into a licensing and supply agreement with Ontario-based craft cannabis company, CannTx Life Sciences for the release of cultivars Rockstar Tuna and Royal Goddess for Starseed Medicinal patients today, according to a press release.

CannTx is a licensed producer working in small-batch, hand-crafted cultivation using tissue cultured donor-stock and full spectrum solventless concentrates like ice hash and rosin. Royal City Cannabis, their adult-use brand, is sold in the craft cannabis category in Ontario’s retail weed markets.

“This unique partnership is a natural fit for both WeedMD and CannTx, bringing together complementary renowned cultivars, with distinctive terpene profiles, that are hand-crafted for our medical patients by this University of Guelph-affiliated micro-propagator. We continue to advance our drive for excellence by selecting exclusive licensing partnerships with teams that are passionate about quality cannabis. Together, we’re proud to be leading the wave of change that is bringing greater choice, quality and value in cannabis products for Canadians,” said Joseph Mele, senior vice-president, commercial sales and marketing, WeedMD.

WeedMD has two subsidiaries, WeedMD RX and Starseed Medicinal, both of which are licensed to produce and distribute cannabis products for both the medicinal and adult recreational markets. They have a 158 acre greenhouse, outdoor and processing facility in Strathroy, Ontario, and a 26,000 square foot processing facility in Aylmer, Ontario, that specializes in extractions.

The two companies have worked together before, having originally announced an agreement in July 2020 to add to new cultivars and preserve the life cycle of elite strains like Pedro’s Sweet Sativa using tissue culture tech. The gave WMD and its brands the ability to perpetually clone, grow and produce the same products, while expanding its genetics bank and the life cycle of its cultivars with rejuvenation techniques.

“We pride ourselves on hand-crafting artisanal, small-batch products that are appreciated by discerning patients, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with a producer that shares our brand ethos. WeedMD is a long-time, highly valued partner that has built a strong distribution network and reputation for excellence, and we’re looking forward to continuing to bring more innovative products to market together,” said Buck Young, director and co-founder of CannTx.

The limited edition release of these whole flower products will be available in late May, 2021.


WeedMD is down half a penny today, and trading at $.27.

—Joseph Morton

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