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August 15, 2022


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Khiron Life Sciences (KHRN.C) distribution deal locks their medical cannabis position in Germany

Khiron Life Sciences (KHRN.C) delivered their European Union good manufacturing practices (EU-GMP) certified medical cannabis to Germany today, according to a press release.


Their partner and agent on the ground for the actual distribution legwork is German medical cannabis distributor Nimbus Health. This puts Khiron in position for imminent first sales in Germany. Khiron’s products are presently in inventory in Nimbus warehouses, read to be sent out to patients through a 300 pharmacy strong network across Germany.

“Since signing our distribution agreement with Nimbus Health in 2020, the Company’s European Sales and Marketing teams have been actively educating doctors and raising awareness for our products. We are excited to launch our portfolio with Khiron 1/14, a product that covers unmet medical need in the German market. As we continue to expand our presence in the UK and Germany, we will leverage our clinical expertise from Colombia to provide the EU market with additional cannabis-based medicinal products,” said Tejinder Virk, president of Khiron Europe.

Germany is one of the biggest cannabis markets in the world, and getting a foothold there is on every cannabis-company’s wishlist if their ultimate aim is to go truly global. Khiron has been a multinational operator in the medical cannabis space for years, with a home-base in Colombia, but a reach that extends to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom to name two high profile markets, and now into Germany. They’re also poised to put medical cannabis on shelves in Mexico and Brazil later on this year.

“With all permits in place and product now available for sale, we look forward to increasing our presence in this growing market with over 60,000 medical cannabis patients and a population of over 82 million people. We are already developing additional cannabis-based medicinal products from our certified strains recently imported from Colombia to improve access and product selection for German patients,” said Franziska Katterbach, managing editor and chief legal officer for Khiron Europe.

Khiron’s next move is to take advantage of their EU-GMP certified supply chain to continue their European distribution angle, but also to use its clinical data and intellectual property (which includes a telemedicine service), education platforms, and technology to reach out for newer markets.


Khiron is up two cents today and presently trading at $0.66.

—Joseph Morton

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