Heritage Cannabis (CANN.C) has announced that it has received its first order from the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC). Having received its first order, the company is now able to sell its RAD products in the province.

 “We are very pleased to see our RAD brand accessible to cannabis consumers in the Nova Scotia market as we continue to focus on expanding our product and brand availability across Canada. Similar to the popularity of our other products – many of which sell out quite quickly once available – we expect Nova Scotians to have a positive reaction to these high-quality, favourably priced products. We will be bringing additional innovative products to this market and others in the coming months,” said David Schwede, Heritage’s President of the Recreational Division

RAD and Premium 5, both Heritage Cannabis Holding Corp. products, are now available in Nova Scotia. RAD products are made with premium THC in addition to being Clean Green Certified. Furthermore, the RAD brand in advertised as providing consumers with the highest quality cannabis products without emptying their pockets.

Starting this month, RAD vapes, RAD shatter, and RAD crumble will be available to customers in Nova Scotia. Additionally, customers will have continued access to Heritage’s Premium 5 Diamonds. Premium 5 Diamonds are crystalline extracts from fresh-frozen, single strain, whole bud. They also pack a punch boasting 41% THC content.

Heritage Cannabis’ stock opened at $0.175 and has since climbed to $0.18.

Disclaimer: Heritage Cannabis is a client of Equity Guru.


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Kieran Robertson

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