Mind Cure Health (MCUR.C) new digital therapeutic tool connects protocols, procedures and patient care

Mind Cure Health (MCUR.C) launched iSTRYM, a digital therapeutic tool for providing data regarding patient care, procedures and protocols, as well as other resources for mental health care workers and patients today, according to a press release.

The program centralizes required data in one place, helping doctors connect to patients and vice versa, while also providing a ready access point for clinical practice and new protocols into one large data base of existing protocols to all psychedelic clinicians. The intention is to increase the scientific efficiency for the entire psychedelic research community.

“We’re developing the kind of global https://e4njohordzs.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/tnw8sVO3j-2.pngistration portal that could become the solution the industry needs. One of the key differentiators in our proprietary tech piece is the implementation of artificial intelligence, working in the background, to taxonify the uncategorized daily inputs from patients into tangible assets that will then inform treatments. From on-boarding patients to collecting critical insights across different arms of the psychedelics research space, iSTRYM could revolutionize the way we build communities around a common goal of mental wellness,” said Geoff Belair, chief technology officer for Mind Cure.

Source: stockwatch.com

MCUR is up $0.02 to $0.72.

—Joseph Morton

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