Lexagene Holdings (LXG.V) pushes MiQLab pathogen finder into Ethos Discovery hands

Lexagene Holdings (LXG.V) sold one of their MiQLab systems to pet health nonprofit, Ethos Discovery today, according to a press release.

The MiQLab is an automated diagnostic system for the detection of pathogens, which gives users the ability to test for multiple pathogens onsite in an hour. It’s designed for use inside veterinary hospitals, where it can be run by veterinarians and clinic staff.

“Up until now, veterinarians have had limited options for infectious disease testing. Generally, veterinarians send collected samples to reference laboratories and wait up to 5 days or more to receive the results. This slow turn-around time and delay in proper treatment can be frustrating to many veterinarians and potentially harmful to their patients. With the MiQLab, we are changing veterinary diagnostics. Veterinarians will now have the opportunity to adopt an automated, rapid, in-hospital, reference laboratory quality testing solution so they can deliver world-class care. We are gaining traction by steadily building momentum with MiQLab in the veterinary market and are looking forward to meeting the demand and fulfilling orders in 2021,” said Dr Jack Regan, Lexagene’s CEO and founder.

Lexagene develops molecular diagnostics systems for pathogen detection and genetic testing for other molecular markers, producing an on-site rapid testing in veterinary diagnostics, food safety and other open-access markets like clinical research, agriculture testing and biodefence. Users only need to collect a sample, load it, enter the sample identification and press go. The open access feature allows for custom testing so that users can load their own real-time PCR assays to target any genetic interest target.

The system is user friendly and equipped with the company’s Bacterial and AMR Panel, which is capable of screening for the seven most common bacterial pathogens and 13 anti-microbial resistance markers.

“In 2021, we will collaborate with Lexagene on expanding the MiQLab’s capabilities to pursue additional diagnostic innovation in areas that are important for Ethos. We are thrilled to have the first point-of-care molecular diagnostic instrument available to veterinary health professionals and look forward to bringing this technology to Ethos hospitals in the future,” sad Dr. Chand Khanna, the president of Ethos Discovery.

—Joseph Morton

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