Immunoprecise Antibodies (IPA.V) subsidiary, IPA Europe, invested in its B-Cell Select platform at its research division in Oss, the Netherlands, enabled by prior investments in equipment to automate and innovate its multispecies, target-interaction-based single B-cell selection technology and single cell cloning.

This will assist them with the identification of comprehensive panels, leading to the recognition of therapeutic antibodies. The B Cell Selection platform is one that works well with IPA’s optimization and antibody development program.

“Our dedicated and motivated team members are driving the success our B Cell Select platform expansion. This powerful, multi-species platform is combined with direct, single B cell cloning and antibody binding profiling to rapidly identify highly diverse, clinically relevant antibodies to treat various diseases involving a broad variety of complex target antigens.” said Debby Kruijsen, general manager of IPA Europe.

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies’ B Select platform allows for the analysis and interrogation of a greater diversity of an antibody repertoire than was previously possible. By isolating and investigating B-cells, IPA can analyze full organism repertoires with little manipulation.

“Next to its suitability for a broad range of antibody sources, our advanced B Cell Select platform is also compatible with various target tools, including target-expressing cells, enabling us to select clones at an early stage of antibody discovery based on a functional read-out as well.” says Ilse Roodink, scientific director of IPA-EU.

The platform can develop antibodies from any species, including humans, as well as from any tissue. It uses the entire repertoire of antibodies, and can develop them for anything that is possible an animal’s immune repertoire, including any class of protein, complex therapeutic targets, and small molecules. The B Cell Selection platform enables the analysis of 10 million blood cells in order to generate native monoclonal antibodies from immunized animals to specifically target an antigen. The selection process happens in the antibody development process, which allows for the selection of top candidates, and drastically increases the success rate of antibody discovery.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

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