2020 Gravitas Securities Growth Conference lines up seriously interesting deals, even in weed

Respect where it's due, I haven't been to an investor conference in a long time where I came away interested in most of what I saw, let alone *everything* I saw, but this year's Gravitas Securities Growth Conference lineup absolutely hit it out of the park. The GSGC isn't the biggest show around, but they know how to turn out the playahs, and the only way you keep big money showing up is to be a little bit picky with what you offer them. Don't waste anyone's time and they'll know it's cool to return.

Tech bully Google (GOOG.Q) in Supreme Court showdown with Oracle (ORCL.NYSE) and friends over stolen code

The story begins back in 2010 when Google (GOOG.Q) stole 11,000 lines of Oracle’s original code, said it was open source, and starting throwing money at high priced lawyers to make their legal problems go away. They didn’t. Instead, Oracle (ORCL.NYSE) rode them from the district courts of California to the doors of the Supreme Court, which wouldn’t even hear the case and instead told Google to get bent.