Xphyto (XPHY.C) blowing the weed sector out of the water with true 2.0 plan

Xphyto (XPHY.C) is dominating the cannabis sector like Sean Kemp used to dominate the Seattle buffet scene. It’s a legit beast right now, jumping from fat new high to fat new high. We’ve sat with their team several times over the past year and on each occasion have been impressed with their plans, but perhaps the greatest plan they’ve executed has been achieved over the past month, when their share price has elevated from $1.00 to $1.85.

Germany’s corporate codetermination – cunningly co-committed or cataclysmically codependent?

Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act (ACA) threatens to level the corporate playing field in America by bringing labor into the boardroom. Understandably, industrial lobbyists have crawled out of the rot of Washington’s woodwork to lambaste the ACA as a useless partisan ploy bent on destroying U.S. entrepreneurial spirit. So, is corporate codetermination cunningly co-committed or just cataclysmically codependent?