Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.NEO) pays $900 hemp license fee, gets $15m market cap jump because people are dumb

It never ceases to amaze me how folks prefer to get their trade order in before doing their research, even on companies dripping in debt, that have failed at every single thing they’ve attempted over several years. What’s up, Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.NEO), a company so deficient in every respect that it trades on an exchange nobody else is interested in being listed on, has failed in every task it has announced since 2014, and can’t get its BC grow facility finished or sold because it is subject to liens from local contractors.

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) wants to make the world less dangerous

We live in a dangerous world. There are some threats that we’re capable of meeting, and some that are beyond us. This is what former secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld called the unknown unknowns: threats so oblique and sudden that they catch us unawares and leave us scrambling. So far, we can only add our culture’s random spates of violence in Rumsfeld’s category. We simply do not know why violence erupts in our culture, especially among our children, and all we can do is prepare for the inevitability.