Equity.Guru podcast: Blue Sky Uranium (BSK.V)


Blue Sky Uranium’s (BSK.V) is a uranium and vanadium-focused exploration company based in Argentina. The company’s Ivana property in southern Argentina hosts a near-surface uranium deposit containing 28 million pounds of U30and 11.5 million pounds of V2O5.

Nuclear power, and uranium in particular, is an integral part of satisfying the enormous amounts of electricity demanded by countries like China and the United States. Fukishima notwithstanding, nuclear power alleviates most environmental concerns surrounding traditional coal-powered generators and hydro-electric dams.

As such, Blue Sky is leveraging Argentina’s developed resource sector. The South American nation’s mining-friendly legislation and Ivana’s robust economics combine to deliver what the company feels is a low-cost, near-term uranium producer with additional potential vanadium credits.

Equity.Guru’s Chris Parry spoke with David A. Terry, director at Blue Sky Uranium, to get details on Blue Sky, its Argentinian portfolio, the current state of the uranium market and what the junior explorer plans for 2019.


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Full disclosure: Blue Sky Uranium is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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