How popular has marijuana become? Now that it has been legalized or decriminalized in eight U.S. states and is also available via prescription in some parts of Canada, cannabis tourism appears to be higher (cough) than ever. Hoping to get on board the trend is ZoomAway Travel (TSXV: ZMA) (FSE: 4ZO), which is actively looking for ways to connect cannabis consumers with venues that cater to them.

“We have been identifying several different opportunities in the United States in this space for the past several months,” ZoomAway Travel CEO Sean Schaeffer said in a news release. “With our ultra-diverse suite of technology products, we believe that we can capitalize on this growing market and be at the forefront of continued expansion.”

Schaeffer noted his company has the added benefit of being in Nevada, which has recently joined the wave of pot-friendly states. “Any potential startups or existing tour operators would not only benefit from ZoomAway’s booking technology and platforms, but would gain the added benefit of using our extensive hotel and outdoor activity inventory. The opportunity to bring together two growing industries is always worth our research time and exploration dollars.”

Already there are several “bud-and-breakfast” getaways available to the public;  the Netherlands has long been known as a go-to place for travelling tokers, and more countries are now on the recreational radar. Many obstacles remain: the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration still has reefer on its Schedule 1 of controlled substances, and the current Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions, is known for his antipathy towards imbibers. Then there is the stench of stigma which has been built and maintained over many decades.

It’s hard to tell at this point whether cannabis tourism will be allowed to grow and develop in the future. For now, though, taking a trip after leaving your farm (or wherever you call home) appears to be sprouting.

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Bo Ramone

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