Everything is terrible and everyone is lying or stupid or both: All the reasons your weed bet is down

“As a rule, it is amazing how even the most corrupt people don’t think of themselves as corrupt. When I write about people who seem obviously villainous, and it’s obvious to a neutral reader that they’re villainous, they themselves don’t agree. It’s not like there’s a bunch of people in each sphere saying, I’m going to make a bunch of money being corrupt. What happens instead is people just follow incentives. There’s a pattern that leads people to either corrupt behaviours, or stupid behaviours. There’s some little carrot out there that they’re following, and they just don’t stop themselves. The run up to the financial crisis, whatever laws were broken – probably not enough laws were broken – it was really the case where a lot of stuff that happened that was awful, was perfectly legal.” — Michael Lewis, author of The Big Short, Moneyball, and Flash Boys

Virtual reality isn’t popping yet: That’s why I’m getting in now

For all the talk we’ve engaged in regarding weed and blockchain and resources and biotech over the last few years, and all the money that’s been made on same, in the back reaches of the Equity.Guru megabrain there’s always been this nagging, mosquito-like buzz in the background regarding virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality (yes that’s a really long name – it’s the LGBTQ of tech types).