Getswift (GSW.ASX) gutted as hodlers confront confirmation bias

Confirmation bias is our tendency to cherry-pick information that confirms our existing beliefs or ideas. Think about the following statements: • Obama was not born in America. • Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. • Women are bad drivers. Do you believe any of the above statements are true?

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Troubling times for Telstra (TLS.AX) as dividend slashed

Telstra (TLS.AX), Australia’s largest retail telecommunications provider, finds itself at a crossroads in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Its customer service is woeful at best and its only real point of differentiation in the market has been network coverage. Unable to exploit the monopoly that powered earnings until the mid-2000s, they are now faced with credible competition.

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Turtle Soup in Beijing

It was a late afternoon text message that piqued my interest. ‘The Turtle’, currently in China, wanted to know if I was interested in some

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