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August 11, 2022


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PsyBio (PSYB.V) files provisional patent application for psilocybin and norbaeocystin composition and treatment

PsyBio Therapeutics (PSYB.V) announced it has filed a new provisional patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The new patent is entitled Psilocybin and Norbaeocystin Compositions and Methods of Treatment and contains 67 “new inventive claims”. PsyBio is developing a strong and diverse roster of patents which now includes five pending provisionals and one pending non-provisional patent application, with other patents related to methods for psilocybin production as well as the optimization of those methods.

“PsyBio is uniquely positioned as one of the leading biotechnology companies sponsoring the development of new therapeutic targets for myriad human health conditions,” stated Evan Levine, CEO of PsyBio. “PsyBio has a multifaceted, biotechnology focused development program spanning compounds from different plants and fungi as well as a discovery program for a variety of non-natural drug targets. We have successfully tech transferred the first two molecules from the bench to commercial manufacturing and will continue with additional product candidates in the coming months. We are planning on submitting PsyBio’s initial pre-Investigational New Drug Application request by the end of this quarter with the goal of filing an Investigational New Drug Application around the end of 2021.”

I’m sure readers know what psilocybin is, but you may be less familiar with norbaeocystin. Chemically, norbaeocystin is an N-demethylated derivative of baeocystin, which itself is the N-demethylated derivative of psilocybin. Nobody had useful access to norbaeocystin until last year when a paper detailing the compound’s synthesis was published.

Because the compound has only recently been synthesized, people are not totally sure what it does or what they can do with it. Many people believe the compound is not psychedelic, although there isn’t actually any definitive evidence for that hypothesis. Even if the compound isn’t psychedelic, that doesn’t mean it can’t play an important role in an entourage effect. The truth is, there hasn’t been much good investigation into norbaeocystin, so PsyBio’s research into the topic could find some interesting information, but it’s hard to know exactly what it will do or what they will find.

“The discovery of promising new tryptamine combinations can benefit from formal scientific evaluation in rodent models to define their potential therapeutic benefits,” stated Dr. Matthew S. McMurray, a member of PsyBio’s Scientific Advisory Board. “Results from our latest testing demonstrates preliminary enhancement of efficacy when compounds are combined. This suggests powerful synergies exist between certain tryptamines, which may herald improved therapeutic profiles and safety. The collaboration agreement with PsyBio has expedited testing of these novel tryptamine combinations in my laboratory.”

Following the news, PsyBio shares are currently down 2 cents and are currently trading at $0.435.

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