Naturally Splendid (NSP.V) has received a purchase order for another container of hulled hemp seed from its numerous clients in South Korea.

“The personal health benefits, as well as the sustainability and environmental benefits of plant-based foods are clearly evident and irrefutable, and consumers are gravitating towards these products for these reasons and many more. We made the strategic decision years ago to focus on nutritional plant-based products and now that consumer demand has never been greater, we are positioned better than ever with a facility that can be adapted to produce a wide range of plant-based products. We look forward to continuing providing tasty and nutritious plant-based products for this rapidly increasing market,” states Naturally Splendid CEO Mr. Craig Goodwin.

Naturally is at it again with another purchase order from South Korea. This marks the Company’s fifth container shipment to South Korea since March 2020 indicating an increase in purchase order frequency. This is likely due to the fact that Naturally was one of the first distributors of hemp in South Korea as early as 2016. With this in mind, the Company has established a steadfast relationship with the country which has paid off recently as orders become more frequent.


The demand for hempseed in South Korea began to take off in 2016 following a nuclear power plant accident in Japan five years earlier. Many remember this disaster as the Fukushima Daiichi accident caused by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. In fear of consuming fish contaminated by the nuclear disaster, many consumers in South Korea looked for alternatives like hempseed. A previously mentioned, Naturally was one of the first companies to enter the hempseed market in South Korea through a Master Distributor agreement with Korea Beauty & Healthcare.


Since then, Naturally has continued to market its retail hemp products under the Chii and NATERA brands. As veganism and vegetarian diets become increasingly popular, Naturally’s recent success is no surprise. Moreover, hemp has the most digestible protein of any plant of earth…that’s pretty intense considering there was an estimated 391,000 species of plants on earth as of 2016. With this in mind, Naturally is focused on producing a portfolio of products including bars and bites to meet an increasing demand for plant-based foods.

Naturally recently acquired Prosnack Natural Foods following the Company’s build-out of its Safe Quality Food manufacturing facility. This has serves as the foundation for the production of Naturally’s plant-based line of products. The Company has also acted as a contract manufacturer for numerous clients for similar types of products. Additionally, Naturally is pursuing NATERA Plant-Based Foods, its most ambitious plant-based opportunity to date. NATERA Plant-Based Foods has over 40 commercially ready products, ten of which are currently available online.


Naturally has big plans for the future with a variety of products on the horizon. The Company’s success will be closely aligned with the plant-based market as meat and high protein alternatives become increasingly popular. Naturally has plenty of room to grow and has already established a positive relationship with South Korea, a country with a rapidly growing plant-based market. With a small market cap of $14.17 million and a relatively high volume, there is certainly interest in the Company already.


Naturally’s stock price opened at $0.06 today and currently remains the same indicating no major changes following the news.

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Kieran Robertson

Kieran Robertson is an experienced writer with a passion for technology, esports, and video games. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Major in English Language and Literature. After graduating, Kieran worked as a freelance writer, managing his own blog and volunteering for La Maza Magazine, a magazine startup focused on collaborating with photographers, writers, models, and designers.

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