Rubicon Organics (ROMJ.V), formerly listed on the CSE, has received purchase orders from distributors in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan for Wildflower CBD Relief Sticks and Wildflower CBD Cool Sticks. The Wildflower-branded products are expected to be available to consumers in all four provinces by the first week of April 2021.

“Proven and trusted, Wildflower CBD topicals feed the increasing demand for non-psychoactive cannabis products for integration into our consumers’ daily routines. We believe this launch will drive Rubicon’s profitability by increasing our category offering of quality cannabis products,” said Jesse McConnell, Chief Executive Officer of Rubicon Organics Inc.

Rubicon Organics is quickly becoming the global leader in organic cannabis products. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Rubicon Holdings, the Company cultivates, processes, and sells organic cannabis products to consumers. By focusing its development on brands, innovation, and cannabis 2.0 products, Rubicon Organics hopes to achieve industry leading profitability.


For my fellow novices, cannabis 2.0 refers to cannabis derivatives such as vapes, edibles, and beverages. Following legislation that passed in 2019 permitting the sale of cannabis derivatives, the cannabis market has exploded. To put things into perspective, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) generated roughly $4.3 million in sales from cannabis 2.0 products last year. With this in mind, Rubicon Organics received its Health Canada license sales amendment on January 14, 2021 authorizing the direct sale of cannabis derivatives for the Company.


Rubicon Organics and Wildflower Brands have been working together since September 16, 2020 following a brand licensing agreement between the two companies. In accordance to the agreement, Rubicon Organics manufactures and distributes Wildflower-branded products in Canada. Relief Stick’s and Cool Stick’s all-natural formulations are Wildflower Brand’s two best-sellers in the United States and international markets. With this in mind, Rubicon Organics is confident that these products will be well received by customers in Canada.


As of this month, Rubicon Organics appears to be riding an upward trend. In addition to their most recent announcement, Rubicon Organics will also be releasing its Q4 2020 results on April 6, 2021 which will provide investors with invaluable insight regarding the Company’s future. Furthermore, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are four provinces highly involved in the cannabis derivatives market. With this in mind, Rubicon Organics will more than likely find success following the availability of Wildflower-branded products in all four provinces. With April right around the corner, it may be worth following Rubicon Organics closely.


Rubicon Organics’ stock price opened at $3.55 and has increased to $3.64 following the news.



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