Nextleaf (OILS.C) Receives Initial Order from BevCanna

Nextleaf (OILS.C) received their initial order of Rapid Emulsion Technology from BevCanna, a cannabis-infused beverage manufacturer. This order defines Nextleaf’s Rapid concentrate as one of BevCanna’s preferred ingredients, capable of being used in its own brands as well as its partner brands.

“Nextleaf and Bevcanna have a long-standing relationship, and our inaugural order of Rapid reflects nearly two years of working together…with a predictable onset and offset time, Rapid Emulsion Technology by OILS provides a significant differentiator for Bevcanna to develop a wide range of infused beverages,” said Nextleaf Solutions chief executive officer Paul Pedersen

BevCanna develops and manufactures a variety of cannabis-infused beverages for both in-house brands and white-label clients. Additionally, BevCanna is the exclusive Canadian licensee for Keef Brands, the No. 1 selling brand in the United States. If they weren’t credible enough, BevCanna also has a sales and distribution network of over 3,000 points of retail and on-line across Canada.

On the other hand, Nextleaf owns one of the largest portfolios of U.S. patents for the extraction, purification and delivery of cannabinoids. In particular, the company owns 12 U.S. patents and has been issued over 70 patents globally. As a licensed processor, Nextleaf is able to turn 600 kilograms of dried cannabis into oil per day at their Metro Vancouver plant.

So, what the hell is Rapid anyways? Rapid refers to Nextleaf’s patent-pending delivery technology. Made with the Company’s high-purity cannabis distillate, Rapid’s unique composition enables the final ingredient to achieve optical transparency with neutral characteristics prime for formulating. Put simply, Rapid optimizes the delivery of THC and CBD. So if you’re looking to get high fast, products containing Rapid may just do the trick.

Having worked for almost 2 years together, Nextleaf and BevCanna are like two peas in a pod. With the shared goal of distributing cannabinoids, we can likely expect both companies to prosper should Health Canada regulate the sale of cannabidiol products. This would enable companies like BevCanna to distribute cannabinoid beverages via traditional retail channels opposed to licensed points of distribution exclusively.

Nextleaf’s stock price spiked to $0.295 at open but has since dropped down to $0.275.

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