GTEC Holdings (GTEC.C) CEO locks down the future, thumps chest on Twitter

GTEC Holdings (GTEC.C) is a company we've written about a lot, a BC-based cannabis grower that laid out a business model of multiple small licensed grow facilities, hitting the premium artisan weed market. Their products are great, their costs are low, and they've never yet benefited from the irrational weed booms of the '15, '16, and '17 years because they were late to get those licenses. This means, they've experienced all the weed industry dives, but none of the runs. Their stock price: $0.09, good for a market cap of just $11 million.

Draganfly (DFLY.C) teams with drone company to distribute mapping technology

Technology is meant to act as an extension onto what we are. The eyeglasses work as surrogate eyes, while the pen and paper work in concert as a recording mechanism of speech. Now more advanced problems require sufficiently advanced technologies—like for example— humanity has generally struggled with the need to be in two places at once. How do we see far away, or deliver packages, when we ourselves cannot physically be there? Now we have the answer to that: drones.