Northern Green Canada Inc. Awarded Sales Licence!

  • We are thrilled to announce that our client, Northern Green Canada Inc., has been awarded its licence for Sale for Medical Purposes, rounding out the Standard Cultivation and Standard Processing licences it already held.
  • Health Canada updated its official list of Licensed Producers late Friday afternoon to reflect the exciting news.
  • Licences for Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, and Sale for Medical Purposes are the typical suite of licences held by most major licensed producers. Only 65 out of the current 146 licensed producers have all three licenses.
  • The Licence for Medical Sales means that Northern Green may now sell cannabis to registered clients for medical purposes, as well as to other licensed producers and provincially licensed wholesale purchasers such as the Ontario Cannabis Store.
  • Northern Green’s founders, Lisa McCormack and Mary Mill, formed the company after discovering that cannabis oils helped alleviate the chemotherapy symptoms experienced by their friend Ann, who was fighting small cell lung cancer.
  • “We are thrilled to be licensed to introduce our high quality cannabis to patients and consumers!” said Lisa McCormack, President and CEO of Northern Green. “It’s amazing to be on the ground floor of this new industry and we look forward to an exciting ride ahead.”
  • We at SkyLaw could not possibly be more proud of Northern Green and its awesome team.  Congratulations!
Written By:

Andrea Hill

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