Equity.Guru podcast: LiveWell Canada (LVWL.C)


LiveWell Canada (LVWL.C) is one of the largest hemp cultivation and CBD extraction operations in North America.

Currently the company is transforming itself into a vertically integrated global CBD life sciences firm which develops and distributes prescription and consumer health products.

Equity.Guru founder, Chris Parry talks with David Rendimonti, director and chief executive officer of LiveWell, to get an inside look at the company, its products and its plans for the future.

Have a listen:

Full disclosure: LiveWell Canada is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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  1. Mengani Meerent says:

    What is the status of the cultivation application with Health Canada? Your guest mentions it in passing after the 17min mark.

  2. Lukas Kane says:

    Mengani, I did reach out to LiveWell on your behalf, they said: The cultivation application is currently still pending with Health Canada. “Since October 17, the government has not granted many cultivation licenses at all. We will update the market as soon as the license is granted.”

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