CannaDrink, CROP Infrastructure’s (CROP.C) in-development functional beverage, will now include a hemp seed additive designed by Naturally Splendid (NSP.V).

The use of Naturally Splendid’s proprietary HempOmega powder in CROP Infrastructure’s functional beverage is only an addition to the pre-existing LOI both companies signed in August.

The original agreement proposed the dissemination of Naturally Splendid’s cannabis-derived products through CROP Infrastructure’s distribution networks.

CROP Infrastructure’s functional beverage line will not contain THC or CBD, making it available even in jurisdictions which prohibit cannabis-infused beverages.

“CannaDrink is formulated to deliver superior omega nutrition, by utilizing NSE’s proprietary HempOmega and provides first-mover advantage for NSE and Crop to formulate cannabis formulated beverages and edibles as HempOmega has been approved for product fortification without the concern or restrictions of cannabinoid formulated beverages and edibles.”

-Douglas Mason, CEO of Naturally Splendid

Michael Yorke, CEO and director of CROP Infrastructure, said the addition of a consumer-good vertical to the company’s offerings came about because “consumer data shows strong trends in plant-based foods and nutritional products.”

Naturally Splendid’s proprietary technology, HempOmega, works by microencapsulating 100 percent Canadian hemp seed oil into a more bioavailable form. Bioavailability is the rate and ease with which the body cam absorb a compound.

According to Naturally Splendid, HempOmega is a more effective alternative to fish oil as a source of omega three fatty acids due to its “unique powder format” which increases bioavailability.

The company has a 13,700 square foot manufacturing facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where formulas for products such as HempOmega are developed.

From Naturally Splendid’s website

Additionally, both companies are collaborating to develop a line of hemp-based food products, including hemp seeds and protein powders, under the brand Hempire. HempOmega will feature as an ingredient in a number of these products.

Advances for CROP on the Italian front

On Monday, CROP Infrastructure announced its leasing of a 87,120 square foot greenhouse in Italy through its joint-venture with local partner, XHemplar. The addition of site security-measures such as cameras and fencing is currently underway.

“This will allow for low-cost and high-quality pure CBD isolate and CBD products to be sold domestically as well as into the European CBD market. The joint venture’s CBD products will be branded under the XHemplar and CROP brands Tiffany CBD and Hempire Italia.”

-Michael Yorke

CROP Infrastructure’s new Italian greenhouse

Both companies continue working towards their previously stated goals of opening two dispensaries before the end of the year. The joint-venture is also aiming to construct an extraction facility as well.

The company’s Italian CBD-hemp operations include 435,000 square feet of outdoor grow space and 87,000 square feet indoors. 25 acres of CBD hemp have been planted, according to CROP Infrastructure.

CROP Infrastructure is also developing a cosmetic and therapeutic product line created by Urban Juve Provisions.

CROP Infrastructure acquired exclusive Italian and non-exclusive US distribution rights for products created by Urban Juve Provisions and its parent company, The Yield Growth, in June.

Once established, product lines by Urban Juve, Hempire and Xhemplar will be made available at all Italian dispensaries operated by CROP Infrastructure and its partner, Xhemplar S.R.L.

Full Disclosure: Crop is an Equity Guru marketing client and we own stock.

Written By:

Ethan Reyes

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