Vinergy (VIN.C) thinks big

In 1856 a 34-year old French microbiologist named Louis Pasteur discovered that heating wine stopped it going bad.  Through scientific experimentation Pasteur determined the optimum time and temperature to kill the malevolent microbes – while retaining the wine’s flavor and smell.

He patented the process and called it – somewhat immodestly – ‘Pasteurization”.

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This simple innovation is now used in the production of milk, butter, cheese, wine, yogurt, beer etc.

Vinergy Resources/MJ Biopharma (VIN.C) is attempting to “Pasteurize” the surging cannabis industry.

A big win from a widely adopted production practice would create massive wealth for early investors.  But given the projected growth rates of the medical & recreational cannabis market, even one small win would turn VIN into a multi-bagger.

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Without growing pot, selling vaporizers, or opening clinics – the company is fiercely focused on developing commercial innovations along various phases of the supply chain.

To that end, on May 9, 2017 VIN announced that it will purchase 100% of MJ BioPharma, a cannabis technology company.

According to the company website:  “MJ Biopharma is a cannabis technology company with a team of experienced business and medical professionals, biochemists and researchers.”

The company is currently focused on the following areas of interest:


MJ Biopharma is developing extracts and custom formulations which it plans to license and joint venture for the domestic and international medicinal & recreational markets.

MJ Biopharma’s patent pending technology allows for a complete palatable drug delivery system that is effective and enhances the patient or user experience while intensifying flavour.

“This is a great breakthrough for us and the product line we have planned,” stated Kent Deuters, CEO of MJ Biopharma, “The technology can also be utilized in our time release capsules which will have a slower absorption rate.”

Kent and his team believe that time release capsules will help synthetic drug users transition to cannabis – which has fewer side effects and fewer negative health risks.


Vinergy is developing the BURST delivery system built on natural botanical polymers delivering high purity cannabinoid complexes.  In layman’s terms BURST is a fast, balanced, controlled method of delivering THC to the body.

The BURST initiative is complimented by Biolennia Labs that will provide drug testing and technical support to MJ BioPharma’s product line

Companies like Vinergy live or die on the strength of their technical teams. VIN has recruited Dr. William Panenka, MD as the Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board. Panenka has dual certification from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in neurology and psychiatry.

Summarizing Panenka’s career involves terms like “cognitive phenotyping” and “neuropsychiatric assessments.”  Let’s just say he knows his way around a lab and he’s familiar with Health Canada approval protocols.

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Vinergy understands that the green rush has economic under-currents.  It isn’t just about new customers and new products.  It’s also about production processes.  How you make things.  How you test them.  How you license them.  And you introduce them to the market.

That’s not as sexy as a 40,000 square foot grow-op.

But neither is heating milk and cooling it in a vacuum chamber.

Global yearly sales of pasteurized products are now in excess of $1.4 trillion.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  Vinergy/MJ Biopharma is an Equity Guru marketing client.



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