Vinergy Resources/MJ Biopharma (VIN.C) ramps up to clinical testing of CBD therapeutics

Vinergy Resources (VIN.C) may still sound like a mining company, but the innovative CBD product development house acquiring MJ Biopharma is neck deep in its push toward establishing legit clinical trials for cannabidiol-related therapeutics.

The GW Pharma-in-the-making announced Wednesday it had signed Dr. William Panenka, MD, as the Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board, a move that establishes the credentials of the company in chasing a Big Pharma future for its products.

Panenka is one of only two specialists in Western Canada that has dual certification from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in neurology and psychiatry.

Panenka collaborates on multiple studies in brain issues, such as the multi-departmental 10-year study in Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhood to do cognitive phenotyping, neurophyschiatric assessments, and multimodal MRI on drug addicted and mental health patients. He is also the medical lead in BC’s largest concussion clinic, and is part of a multidisciplinary team at UBC neuropsychiatry, and the BC Primary Site Investigator, on a national study for Brain Canada following TBI patients.

In layman’s terms: Panenka is one smart dude, and if you’re looking to develop CBD treatments for PTSD, concussions, mental health issues, addiction, and anything that relates to the brain, he’s the kind of guy who can direct your study and help you work through Health Canada approvals.

Also worth noting: Dr. Panenka is part of a team that was recently awarded a MITACS UBC industry grant to study the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of cannabis absorption in pre-clinical models, as well as test the effects of various cultivars for their effect on anxiety and pain.

Vinergy will be a new play to a lot of people, having just recently appeared after a $2 million raise, but the playbook for this company is as follows:

  • The technology came out of an established lab that does contract development work for mid and large companies in the biotech space, which saw an opportunity in the cannabis arena to implement some of their IP and expertise in new ways
  • Specializing in pharmaceutical grade delivery platforms, the company believes it can deliver CBD therapies better, faster, and more effectively than others
  • Product focus will initially be breath strips, time release capsules, and infused food products

The company announced the acquisition in December last year, and between January 6 and the time of writing, as climbed from $0.43 to $0.69 with high volume.

In chatting to the company’s team, they made clear that they see themselves as less a cannabis company than a biopharma play, wherein they’ll be working on formulations that other companies can’t replicate, using delivery systems both established and innovative, such as breath strips, oils, sprays, and time release pills.

I got a call last night from a well-heeled investor who is often at the forefront of new sector movements, and he asked me some pointed question about CBD pharmaceutical plays and whether I think they’re the next big thing.

To be clear: I do.

If the multi-billion dollar success of GW Pharma (GWPH: NASDAQ) has shown us anything, it’s that the coiled potential of the green rush doesn’t come down to who’s growing the raw materials, it comes down to what you do with them, and how well you can take them into the mainstream as a legitimate, easy to use, effective and clinically trialed medicine.

While information on Vinergy’s plans in this respect is in short supply just now, investors are clearly getting in front of the news, and today’s hiring notice will confirm the seriousness with which the organization is moving forward.

— Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: Vinergy Resources/MJ Biopharma is an Equity.Guru marketing client

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