Patriot One (PAT.V) to launch concealed-weapons detection study at U.S. school


All regions in the United States now allow citizens either with or without permits to sport concealed-carry weapons, and the effort to enhance detection and security has become more acute. To that end, Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PAT.V) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the University of North Dakota for a real-world pilot study of its NForce CMR1000 concealed-weapons detection system.

The installation of the Patriot One system, in a location yet to be determined on campus, will provide for a period of technology configuration and data collection. Upon successful completion of the study, it is the intent of both parties to explore a commercial arrangement that may expand the scope of the technology solution to encompass additional facilities and locations at the university.

“I became extremely interested in this technology during my attendance at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in San Diego late last year, and immediately saw how this technology could greatly benefit the university,” said Eric Plummer, head of campus public safety and associate vice-president for public safety and chief of police at UND.

“The ability to protect the campus community would be transformed by a non-intrusive perimeter to control weapons access on campus without impinging on the civil rights of our community. I believe this solution provides us the potential to provide that ability. In my position, my mandate is to identify, implement and manage many important safety procedures for the university, and as such we are excited about implementing this solution.”

Plummer has been a driving force in moving the effort forward, according to Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin. “We are looking forward to mobilizing our team to North Dakota in order to get the NForce CMR1000 software solution and related hardware installed and operational,” Cronin noted in a news release. “We have some coordination details to conclude in advance, but I believe that these will be handled in short order as we are all keen to see this product in action and preventing potential senseless acts of violence.”

Currently, 42 states in America generally require a state-issued permit in order to carry concealed weapons in public. The other eight – Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming – generally allow individuals to carry concealed weapons in public without a permit.

UND has 240 buildings (6.4 million square feet) on 550 acres. Over 15,000 students from North Dakota as well as all 50 states and over 60 other nations attend classes on the Grand Forks campus each year.

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