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Canada’s smallcap stock scene is, to paraphrase the great Hunter S. Thompson, “a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

There are many people who write about penny stocks and few do so for free. Most will take a fat cheque, or a stock certificate, to say endless streams of nice things about questionable companies. They’ll hype a stock they own, and slap down fine print that says, “Don’t trust what we’re telling you here, because we’re on the take.”

To be sure, the team at Equity.Guru doesn’t work for free, but we have a business model that treads the middle ground between newspaper and marketing agency. We sell our attention, not our favour.

With over 6,000 stocks on the Canadian exchange at a price of penny or less, any company that wants to stick its head above the crowd needs to find legitimacy in the eyes of investors, and advertorial bullshit doesn’t cut it.

So we don’t do advertorial bullshit. We stand behind our analysis and reporting. We write about what’s interesting, we don’t pull punches, and we’ll take a company out at the ankles if we believe they’re lying to investors.

Here’s the kicker: We’ll do that to our clients too, if warranted.

Before any company signs on to a marketing program with Equity.Guru, we tell them they have a higher standard to attain. Like the little league coach making his son run extra laps to justify his spot on the team, if we’re going to say nice things about a client company, it has to be clear they deserve the cheer.

Because we’re not soldiers for hire. We’re journalists doing what journalists should do.

Equity.Guru is a business news and stock analysis outlet powered by Chris Parry, award-winning journalist, directed content pioneer, former Director of Editorial at Stockhouse.com, former Manager of Digital Products at the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers, and long-time online feature writer and corporate communications professional.

Equity.Guru focuses on packaging information and analysis toward millennial investors, a significantly untapped market in Canada, and the only demographic with investor growth potential going forward. If your hair is grey, you’re still allowed in, but you don’t get to complain about the swear words and animated gifs and pop culture references. Deal with it.


EG provides a weekly Investing in Vancouver column, where we look at three companies every week that young adults should consider putting their money behind.

VIA reaches 350k unique viewers per month, with a female leaning millennial demographic, which is largely untapped by the financial sector despite having a significant disposable income.


After several years running Stockhouse’s editorial department, EG founder Chris Parry and Stockhouse have agreed a content partnership deal that will see EG providing third party analysis and podcasts of Stockhouse clients, in return for column inches on that site in return.

Stockhouse reaches almost 1m unique viewers per month, and is considered Canada’s largest online investment community.


Tommy Humphreys’ insider chat site is a go-to for those who want to see geologists arguing with CEOs about which broker is on a good deal and which are eville, but besides that, they run the occasional piece of EG content, and fling us some great stuff in return.

CEO.CA’s reach is unique in that it doesn’t go to a giant retail investor base, but rather a small group of high net worth guys who, when they buy a stock, buy a lot of it.

Equity.Guru sometimes consults with the companies we cover, and engages in marketing programs designed to enhance market awareness while not selling out our readers. Sponsors are told they’ll have to attain certain levels of quality and success to warrant positive press, so that such coverage is seen by readers as having been earned, rather than just being paid for.

Any financial arrangements, stock positions, and/or conflicts are expressly disclosed.

Equity.Guru NEVER tells you to buy or sell a stock; that’s not our place. We only advise what we like and what we’re personally investing in, and analyze the reasons why.

We refuse marketing deals with more companies than we agree to, because our audience insists on a high standard. Anything less than a stellar team, opportunity and value proposition is a waste of our readers’ time and money,.

At our downtown video studio, we provide daily content on a variety of platforms that have never been used for these purposes before, with big potential audiences that are sometimes yet to invest in their first stock .

To syndicate Equity.Guru content for your own media outlet, please email chris (at) equity (dot) guru with details. To inquire about running your own content on our site, same deal.

Equity.Guru marketing plans are packaged based on the opportunity, and prices are dependent on multiple factors – call for details.

If you believe your company should be exposed to our audience, we’re open to hearing your pitch. To contact our staff and arrange a meeting, email at the address above, or call 778 927 2485.

And if you disagree with us about a company we like, or dislike, feel free to either comment in a polite and respectful fashion, or be relentlessly mocked in the open.

I believe I’m your huckleberry.

–Chris Parry

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