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March 22, 2023


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NOWVertical (NOW.V) effective AI solutions geared for your business

NOWVertical (NOW.V) effective AI solutions geared for your business

Artificial Intelligence is a popular and often misunderstood concept. Does one size fit all? Will machine learning written to understand entertainment, be as effective when diagnosing oil pipeline integrity?

The answer is an emphatic no, but unfortunately, many attempting to integrate AI into their business model try to shoehorn a generic AI system into a specific environment and either produce skewed results or fail all together.

NOWVertical (NOW.V), knows the narrow expertise of AI and has built a business on crafting AI solutions specific to the vertical of the business requiring it.

Equity Guru founder, Chris Parry, sat down with Daren Trousdell, chairman and CEO of NOWVertical, to get a better idea of truly functional artificial intelligence, the AI market and why investors looking to get in on the next digital revolution should put NOWVertical on their investment radar.


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