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November 30, 2023


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Defi Tech - 10-05 - Press Release Thumbnails

VIDEO: DeFi Technologies (DEFI.NE) offers access to decentralized finance with none of the hype

If you’ve got your ear even remotely close to the ground in terms of all-things crypto, then you’ve probably not only heard about decentralized finance, but you’re tired of hearing about it. If you’re not sure what it is—think blockchain enabled financial instruments. A decentralized savings or chequing account. Options trading. Think decentralized exchanges where you can swap crypto without having to relinquish your private key, then boom: wallet to exchange transfer, no key action required. But this is still the realm of bespectacled computer geeks and wild haired libertarian John Galt wannabes. It’s opening to a wider audience, but it’s happening slowly and the learning curve is really steep. Even moreso than with standard blockchain. DeFi Technologies (DEFI.NE) wants to challenge that notion. Read full article here:

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