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June 08, 2023


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A Conversation with Balbir Johal: Disrupting the Mining Industry and Creating Value for Shareholders

The world of mining is often seen as rigid, structured, and resistant to change. However, a recent conversation between Equity Guru founder, Chris Parry, and Balbir Johal, CEO of Brascan Resources (CSE: BRAS), tells a different tale. It’s a tale of disruption, unique visions, and unconventional approaches bringing unprecedented value to shareholders.

During the interview, Johal, a seasoned mining veteran with four decades of experience, shared his ambitious vision for Brascan Resources and his unconventional strategies that are likely to transform the industry’s landscape. He’s a CEO focused on fostering resilience and executing well-thought-out plans to drive company growth and increase shareholder value.

The Art and Science of Mining

As Johal put it, “It’s part art, it’s part science… I believe this is going to happen.” He emphasized the value of perseverance and resilience in the face of challenging market conditions, illustrating the importance of these traits in achieving long-term success. Johal’s philosophy doesn’t just revolve around cold hard facts and figures, it embodies a potent blend of creativity, intuition, and experience.

“When things all went down last year, we never gave up corporately. We kept fighting and we’ve got all these assets for good prices,” Johal said.

A $20 Million Valuation

Despite a challenging market, Johal is confident in Brascan’s growth potential and undervalued assets. “Our company, I believe, is worth around $20 million,” Johal said, noting that he considers this figure to be more reflective of the company’s true value rather than its current $1.5 million market cap.

Chris Parry observed that Brascan’s low-risk model and promising projects could potentially yield high rewards for investors, stating, “The upside is maybe my investment goes up two, three, 4-5-10 times if you do even just a little good work.”

The Unconventional Leader

Balbir Johal stands as an unconventional figure in the mining industry. His unique leadership style blends bold decision-making, a commitment to transparency, and a conviction in Brascan’s potential to create life-changing returns for shareholders.

“Being authentic and keep working, working hard and building slowly, and then hoping in our business, we’re not looking to make 3% on our money. We’re looking at a life-changing event,” Johal stated.

Brascan’s assets, their proximity to promising geographical locations, and Johal’s leadership have positioned the company to seize opportunities and drive growth. A firm believer in the company’s prospects, Johal emphasizes that he “backs his companies” and remains dedicated to keeping them afloat even in difficult times.


In a sea of mining CEOs, Balbir Johal stands out, bringing a unique perspective and a disruptive approach to Brascan Resources. His conversation with Chris Parry served as a fascinating deep dive into the strategies that can revolutionize the mining industry and bring exceptional value to shareholders. With Brascan Resources on the frontlines of this revolution, we can expect to see exciting developments in the near future.

Brascan Resources currently trades at $0.03 CAD per share for a market cap of $1.16 million.

Brascan Resources Stock Chart 05-23-23

Remember, investing in mining stocks always carries risk, and due diligence is recommended. Keep watching this space for more insights into the world of mining and the movers and shakers shaping its future.

*Full disclosure: Brascan Resources is an Equity Guru marketing client

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