The Equity.Guru oil and gas report

You’ve seen the headlines – oil and gas took a beating last year, and much of this year, but the world’s most wealth-making resource over the last 150 years is set to rebound, at least in the US, where a reliable source of inexpensive petroleum and gas is increasingly necessary.

The American government realizes it needs to move away from foreign imports. Saudi Arabia gets us into wars and can’t live within its means. Egypt is churning governments and dying on human rights abuses. Nigeria can’t get its oil to port without it being siphoned from pipelines, Libya.. well, you know about Libya. And Venezuela can’t keep its people fed, despite positively swimming in petroleum.

There’s Canada, of course, but our oil isn’t cheap to produce, it’s an environmental nightmare, and the government doesn’t really want pipelines being laid, which makes things hard.

So US oil is where it’s at. That’s going to be our focus here, with news stories and analysis, and a focus on the unknown companies that might ride the resurgence best.

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