The EG Capital Markets Program

If you’re a public company, or a company soon to be going public, and are looking to reach an audience of informed, discriminating, high net worth investors, the Equity.Guru Capital Markets Program should be your first stop in market awareness.

Equity.Guru is not an investor relations firm, nor an investment advisor company. We’re a media and marketing outlet that has quickly drawn together a substantial audience based on several key differentiators between us and our competitors.

1: We’re straight with the audience. Every deal we do with a company buys our attention, not our favour. If your company hits its milestones, we’ll yell about it from the rooftops, but if it doesn’t, we’ll talk about that openly and honestly. That’s the only way investors will give credence to the positive words we publish.

2. We’re straight with you. We won’t force you to buy tools and programs that don’t give you great results, and we don’t upsell you unnecessarily. If you want editorial coverage or first rate podcasts, that’s what we do best. News blasts? Email lists? Banner ads? Maybe that stuff was effective in 2008, but today’s audience is younger, less prone to spend time on advertorial rubbish, and tougher to win over. We won’t waste your time in the same way we don’t waste theirs.

3. We’re REALLY damn good at this stuff. I mean, you’re still reading, and this is a capital markets sales page. Yeesh, can you imagine how dry this copy is on other websites? It’s literally the worst.

4. We control our environment. While we allow comments on our stories, on other sites those comments quickly descend into a free-for-all of derision and slander. On Equity.Guru, if you’re a contributor of worth, we open the doors, but we quickly stomp on any conversation that is racist, bigoted, slanderous, unnecessarily negative, and doesn’t add value to the conversation. By all means, if you run your company poorly, take your lumps. But there’s a line we hold firmly to.

5. We don’t do short term deals. If you want to work with us, we expect you to be building a company, not a stock promotion. So our coverage programs can run as long as 18 months, the length of time we expect it to take for you to go from concept to real world success. While other marketers are walking away from you after that first three month blitz, we’re still in there plugging away as long as a year and a half later, developing your story and building a share case of zealots. We’re your partners, and we benefit if you get to the next level.

6. We’re consulting journalists. That is, we’re journalists that don’t just read your press releases and rewrite them. We come into the boardroom and talk to you about your news before it’s posted. We help you find the true story arc for your company, we help you schedule your news for the best impact, and we then know the story to a level that general media never will. True, we also see the things you’d prefer people don’t talk about, but that’s a benefit to you. When investors wonder if they can believe your pitch, the fact that you have an in-house journalist right there at the coalface – a journalist who has sworn to tell the good AND the bad – brings an extra level of legitimacy. You’ve nothing to hide, because we’re right there.

What it comes down to is, if your company is a short term play, tell your story walking, mister. We’re here to help you build something grand, something that reaches a wide audience of zealots, not daytraders, and if the NASDAQ isn’t your ultimate goal, you should know it’s definitely ours.

Chris Parry, the founder of Equity.Guru, has won two Webster Awards for Excellence in BC Journalism, one for Science, Technology, Health and the Environment, and one for Multimedia excellence, and this site reflects his passion to tell stories honestly and openly, while also helping companies become better at what they do, help shareholders get to the bottom of things, and improve communication between both parties.

We’ve worked with over 120 companies in the last two years, and quickly developed a reputation for telling the truth, telling it in a way that’s fun to read, and for helping genuinely good companies achieve their goals in the market.

Wanna talk? Let’s do it.