Looking for a quick company overview? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve thrown together a series of company ‘tearsheets’ which include the following:

  • Overview – What they do, and where.
  • Highlights – Operational highlights of note.
  • Why we love it – Our reasons why we think this stock should be on your radar.
  • Contact information
  • Recent company coverage by Equity Guru staff reporters

Thanks to the folks at Tradingview, you can also grab the all-important stock price data as we’ve included a mini-chart on each sheet. End-of-data only, but hey!

Here they are:

In the coming week, we’ll be enhancing this offering with downloadable PDFs of each sheet. Too easy!

In the meantime, we’ve added some ‘secret sauce’ to these web pages to make printing them easier. You might need to adjust the scaling to fit them onto a single page – we’ve found 60% works well with Google Chrome.