Blockchain Foundry (BCFN.C) Syscoin 4.0 flouts orthodoxy, stock jumps 500% in six weeks

We started writing about Blockchain Foundry (BCFN.C) in the summer of last year when blockchain companies were busy doing the rope-a-dope from frequent market poundings. They were a question mark, making big promises about the future and hoping to catch a favourable bounce. Here’s what they promised: Scalability Decentralized online marketplace […]

Blockchain Foundry (BCFN.C): Sector be damned, work still needs to get done

If I walked into the Cactus Club on Burrard Street with two supermodels on my arm and an eight ball in my pocket and $5k sticking out of my mouth, and told the assembled Howe St crowd ‘this can all be yours, all you have to do is listen to […]

eXeBlock Technology (XBLK.C) jumps 21% as long, dark quiet period continues

When last we checked in with eXeBlock Technologies (XBLK.C), they were not exactly chatty. Maybe this is why: Alternately, maybe this is why: Exeblock (XBLK.C) needs to get its shit together, and now’s the time to make it happen I’m probably not their most favourite journalist, which might be a […]

Yee-Haw it’s a client roundup – HIKU.C moves forward, eXe updates, and BSK.C’s dance card fills up too fast

Good morning from my underground lair where, surrounded by glowing monitors, keyboards, and a slightly fey servant named Beauregard watch the news both analog and digital on our client companies and the broader market for you, our consumers of sweet sweet information. Today I have a thrilling trifecta of news […]