Kushco Holdings’ (KSHB.Q) gets 37% down with the sickness because of trash financing, right?

Kushco Holdings (KSHB.Q) saw its stock drop 37% today, and although nobody knows why for certain, it’s clear there’s a sickness here somewhere. To set the scene, Kushco Holdings is cannabis-related company, and they just announced a new financing. Normally, there’s nothing spectacular about that (for better or worse) but […]

Vapen MJ Ventures’ (VAPN.C) on a run with new patent

It’s been a hell of a month for Vapen MJ Ventures (VAPN.C), which just pulled in its first patent and is up $0.30 since mid-month. And why not? Vapen has some actual profits to report, a respectable list of in-demand products and now that they’ve coined their first patent (which […]

Vapen (VPN.C) drops financials showing another quarter of actual profits

I’ll say it. Vapes aren’t as fashionable on the cannabis investor markets as they once were. Right now you guys really like, well, nothing, but a few years back, if you went to Alibaba Express and got a shipping container of pink vapes sent over by the guy who usually […]

Vapen MJ (VAPN.C) – cannabis still a better biz than clothing (GOOS.T) (ANF.NYSE) (AEO.NYSE) (M.NYSE)

The fluorescent red kelp you see floating in today’s ocean of rouge (DJIA -774 points) is the plummeting share price of big-cap clothing companies. Shares of Canada Goose (GOOS.T) Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF.NYSE), American Eagle (AEO.NYSE) and Macy’s (M.NYSE) all tanked, shedding a combined $1.6 billion in market cap. Canada […]