Versus Systems (VS.C) adds influencer challenges to their virtual games for real-world rewards

The first ever console video game I ever played included the classic mushroom-stomping plumber brothers charging across the side-scrolling screen, enduring a Sisyphean journey across a hellscape of strange flora and fauna to battle a pixelated dragon-turtle hybrid to save a princess. The only influencer I had was my uncle and occasionally one of my friends. I’d trade off high scores alternately with my uncle and my surrogate brothers, and when the games changed, the competition stayed the same. We rolled through The Legend of Zelda, Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden, and instead of begging off to go chase girls when I was old enough to do so, I just invited them over to my house to play video games.

Here’s what’s next: e-Sports is happening right now, and hell’s coming with it

I’m about to land at the next Cambridge House extraordinary Future investor conference this week, with more speaking events than I honestly know what to do with. Part of the reason why they’re being tacked on is because we here at Equity.Guru have spent the last year telling you virtual reality/augmented reality is coming to the public markets, and it’ll be big when it happens.