Draganfly (DFLY.C) drone innovator nabs former US govt official as director

This morning, a North American drone company that has decades of experience in the business announced word that a former White House Chief of Staff will be joining its board. This is a big deal, because though drones have been a hot and cold market sector for years, right here, […]

E-Sports ETFs are terrible and not really about e-sports, but what is?

Zynga (ZNGA.Q), the mobile video game developer, is a terrible investment. The sort of large company that only stays large because it’s large to begin with, thereby attracting dumb investment from institutional folks who buy the things they see mentioned on CNBC, Zynga made US$280 million in revenues last quarter, […]

Datametrex AI’s (DM.V) laughable fake news zapper hides dark potential

Datametrex AI (DM.V) introduced its bot detector and updates to its fake news filter today. That’s right. A company has invented a way to locate, analyze and counteract fake news. Someone get Donald Trump on the line—this is gonna be yuuuuuge, or something. Actually, maybe don’t get Trump on the […]