PODCAST: EQUITY.GURU roundtable on YDreams Global (YD.V)

This is the first installment in our “Shooting the Shit” series here at EQUITY.GURU, where we sit around the office in a round table format and shoot the shit about a company one of us knows about and the others don’t. This time it’s a Brazilian tech company, YDreams Global (YD.V). YDreams not only possesses some of the most advanced interactive display technologies, but the company also builds incredibly advanced robots, which act as artificially intelligent receptionists on wheels. YDreams’ product portfolio is almost as extensive as its client list with the likes of Unilever, Coke, Nike and Audi using the company’s services. Why have we never heard of YDreams? Is the company worth looking into? Well, listen in, you might just like what you hear.