Equity.Guru video: Rift Valley Resources (RVR.C) bringing the internet to rural America

Rift Valley Resources (RVR.C) isn’t drilling for oil or digging up minerals like you’d think. Instead the company works with another commodity, internet service provision. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ruralink Wireless, Rift Valley intends to build wireless broadband networks for the rural and under-served areas of North America, specifically the […]

Equity.Guru podcast: Rift Valley Resources (RVR.C) uses old tech in a new way to connect rural America to the internet

Rift Valley Resources (RVR.C) is taking internet connectivity to rural America through an ingenious network that utilizes TV white space and its established broadcast infrastructure. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ruralink Wireless, Rift recently inked a deal with ARK Mediacom which controls 283 television licenses throughout the United States, with substantial […]

Rift Valley Resources (RVR.C): Rural internet through TV signals? Hmm..

Sometimes bringing on a new client in my line of work can be a tricky business. Because we stand behind our much ballyhooed commitment to present you unbiased coverage on the companies we write about, whether they pay for our attention or not, we sometimes have to deal with the […]