An Oils update – Jericho (JCO.V), Permex (OIL.CN) and Renaissance (ROE.V)

It’s a mugs game, attempting to divine short term price moves in some of our more geopolitically sensitive commodities. Take gold for example… There’s a whole universe of traders following the price action in the metal, tick by tick. I’m not aware of any TA types who accurately called this […]

Deep value in the junior O&G arena – Jericho (JCO.V), Permex (OIL.CN) and Renaissance (ROE.V)

Today’s markets are nearly impossible to predict. Take oil for example: The Middle East is a ticking time bomb, and production out of Venezuela, Iran and Libya is plummeting. One would expect firmer prices, but, instead, we get a violent break to the downside. The other side of the coin […]

Permex Petroleum (OIL.CN) looks to stoke treasury, eyes production growth and acquisitions

We just learned that the US plans to sanction nations for importing oil from Iran. AP sources: US to sanction nations for importing Iranian oil The immediate reaction when oil resumed trading Sunday night overseas: The image above is a snapshot of a live streaming intra-day chart (1hr) showing the […]

Permex Petroleum (OIL.CN): broadening its audience as oil pushes higher

Permex Petroleum (OIL.CN) is in an interesting position with oil prices now on the move. In the Permian Basin, THE highest producing oilfield in the world, land prices have been all over the map hitting a high of $95K per acre in recent months. Permex’s offset acres in the Permian […]